What Parents Need to Know About Baby Teeth

What Parents Need to Know About Baby Teeth

Feb 01, 2022

For a parent seeing their baby’s teeth pop out for the first time is exciting. The child’s first teeth introduce them to new ways to smile, speak and eat. This period is also a time to think about how you’ll be taking care of your child’s teeth.

You might believe it or not but your baby’s teeth can start decaying as soon as they begin to grow. This makes it important to start practicing good oral hygiene that benefits your child for a lifetime. Baby teeth play an important role in the health of your child. Every parent wants a lifetime of smiles and happiness for their children. This article has important tips to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy during their childhood.

Four Facts about Baby Teeth

Here are some facts about baby teeth:

Baby Tooth enamel is hard but vulnerable: The enamel layer is the hardest tissue in the human body. However, the enamel is prone to constant attack by acid, sugar, and external forces. It is important to offer drinking water to your child often between meals. It helps rinse teeth off harmful acids and bacteria. Rinsing help keep the enamel strong. Also, limit sugary snacks, food, and beverages in their diet. Ensure you help the child brush twice daily and floss daily.

Child’s teeth need proper nutrition: By offering a proper diet to your child, they’ll maintain a healthy smile for a long time. Try to add more vegetables and fruits when shopping for food. The vegetables should be rich in nutrients and fiber. High fiber keeps teeth clean by scrubbing them of damaging sugar and food debris. Food debris leads to tooth cavities and decay. Adding more calcium and magnesium to the baby’s diet help strengthen the enamel and prevent cavities.

Baby teeth can be lost too early: Children start shedding their teeth at around the age of six and stop at age of 12. However, some variations are common. But if your child loses teeth too early, visit our dentist at Union Hill Dental in Manalapan Township to make sure your baby’s teeth are strong and healthy.

Child’s teeth help Set up a healthy bite: Baby teeth play a great role in developing an aligned and healthy adult and adolescent bite. When your child loses a tooth too soon because of decay, it can lead to impactions or tooth crowding. This happens in empty spaces which causes alignment problems in the future.

Some Other Facts

The second molars of the lower and upper jaw are usually the last to grow. The upper molars come in after the lower molars. The molars grow when the baby reaches two years. A large number of children have a complete set of primary teeth at the age of three years.

Don’t share straws or spoons with your child. A bacteria that is causing a cavity in your mouth can be transmitted to the child’s mouth. The bacteria cause tooth decay to the baby’s teeth too.

Most parents choose to start brushing their child’s teeth when the child is about one year and six months. A pediatric dentist recommends that you use toothpaste with a small percentage of fluoride. Also, use a clean and moist soft gauze pad to maintain the hygiene of your baby’s teeth.

Primary teeth are as important as permanent teeth: Some parents let their baby’s oral hygiene fall since baby teeth are not permanent. However, this can affect, position, development, and alignment of the permanent teeth negatively. From the negative results, your child can develop low self-esteem and have speech problems. Prioritizing the hygiene of your baby’s teeth can save the child from those problems.

How to Ease Your Child’s Teeth Pain

Hearing your child cry because of a toothache and you aren’t sure how to help can be like a dagger to the heart. Luckily, there are a few effective and safe methods you can implement to help reduce the pain. Try massaging their gums gently with a clean finger or give them something cold to chew. If the methods fail, visit pediatric dentistry near you for further treatment.

Taking Your Child to the Dentist

Visiting pediatric dentistry is a good way to keep your child’s teeth healthy. Early and regular visits to the dentist reduce the risk of cavities. Your pediatric dentist will give you tips on the best way to take care of your baby’s teeth.

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