At Union Hill Dental, we believe that exceptional dental care calls for a careful balance of expertise, professional experience, and the right dental technology. As such, we have invested in advanced dental technology to meet and exceed our patients’ expectations. Our cutting-edge and innovative dental tools allow us to dispense dental care efficiently while also ensuring ultimate comfort for our patients. Visit us today to experience compassionate dental care that is patient-centered and technology-driven.

Intraoral scanner

Many years back, patients who required dental restorations such as dentures or crowns had to contend with messy dental putty impression material. Fast forward to today, we now obtain dental impressions digitally, thanks to the intraoral scanner.

Our dentist utilizes the intraoral scanner to get a clear view of your teeth as well as obtain crisp and precise digital dental impressions to inform the creation of dental restorations. The intraoral scanner is connected to a monitor or screen which displays real-time images of your teeth. This way, the patient also has a clear and unobstructed view of their oral cavity.

3D X-Rays (CBCT)

3D x-rays allow our dentist a more detailed or comprehensive view of your teeth and gums, which translates into accuracy and precision during the planning and treatment phases. 3D x-rays are a vast improvement from 2D x-rays, which could only show two dimensions and often had to be redone if more information was required. Thanks to 3D x-rays, we can capture all the information we need within minutes, which translates into less radiation exposure for you and quicker treatment times.


Many people who have dental caries aren’t aware of the existence of this problem until it’s too late. Fortunately for you, we have DEXIS CariVu™️, a powerful caries detection device that allows for easy identification of cavities, including those in their early stages. CariVu uses trans-illumination technology to highlight lesions and cracks in teeth. This way, our dentist can see through a tooth and identify cavities, including those hidden to the naked eye.

At Union Hill Dental, we seamlessly integrate people and technology to provide outstanding, custom-tailored dental care for our valued patients. Reach out to Union Hill Dental today to schedule your appointment with our dentist in Manalapan Township, NJ.

Intraoral Cameras

We rely on intraoral cameras to have a clear view of your teeth, gums, and other oral cavity tissues, including those sections that may be hidden to the naked eye. An intraoral camera is a portable, hand-held device that is gently guided into the patient’s mouth. It’s compact and well-suited for all patients, including those with small mouths. The crisp images captured by an intraoral camera are displayed on a computer monitor. If the images obtained via the intraoral camera point to the existence of dental problems, our dentist may recommend further imaging, such as 3D x-rays, to get in-depth insights.

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