Tooth Extractions

Dental Extraction in Manalapan Township, NJ

At Union Hill Dental, we understand that needing to remove a tooth is a scary experience. However, sometimes it is necessary to preserve the health of a smile and alleviate patient pain. If you have a serious problem with one or multiple teeth that cannot be corrected with restorative care, then you might need a dental extraction.

The Process

A dental extraction is colloquially known as removing or ‘pulling’ a tooth. During this procedure, our staff numbs your mouth with a local anesthetic to ensure you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. Instead, you might feel some pressure as the tooth is removed.

Our dentist uses specialized tools to grip the tooth and gently dislodge it from the jawbone. It can then be taken out. In some cases, when a tooth is impacted, we need to cut through the gums and break the tooth into pieces. Each piece is then removed.

Once the tooth is extracted, we close the gums and apply antiseptic to prevent infection.

Who Needs an Extraction?

We prefer to not remove a tooth unless it is absolutely necessary. Our dentist will do everything possible to preserve and save a tooth through restorative treatment before considering extraction.

Sometimes, though, a tooth cannot be saved. We often have to remove teeth that have severely decayed, become infected, or are broken beyond repair. We also take out impacted teeth, which are ones that have become trapped underneath the gums and the other teeth.

The most common extraction performed is the removal of the wisdom teeth since they often grow in crooked.

Come See Us

At Union Hill Dental, we offer simple yet effective dental extractions near you in Manalapan Township, NJ. We use the latest techniques to reduce your pain and offer treatment and advice to help you recover from the loss. Once your mouth has healed, we then have a variety of restorative and cosmetic treatments available to help you recover your smile and have a full set of teeth.

For more information, schedule an appointment to see us today at our office in Manalapan Township, NJ.

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