Food to Eat, Food to Avoid after Dental Implants in Manalapan Township

Food to Eat, Food to Avoid after Dental Implants in Manalapan Township

Jan 01, 2022

After a successful dental implant surgery in Manalapan Township, you will have to change your diet. The dental implants that have just been placed in your mouth are not stable; it will take time for them to heal and integrate into your jawbone. If the implant moves before it heals completely, it would most likely fail, so you must follow the food recommendations provided by your dentist in Englishtown.

Also, if you apply too much pressure on the implants by chewing something hard, it will cause the implant to move and ultimately fail. Watching your diet after surgery does not only apply to full mouth dental surgery. It applies to all kinds of dental surgery. However, if your dentist in 07726 did not provide you with food recommendations after your dental surgery, we have created a list of food to eat and food to avoid as heal.

Foods To Avoid After A Dental Implant

It would be best to avoid certain kinds of food after your dental surgery to avoid irritation and aid in rapid recovery. Check out a few of them below.

  • Spicy Food: After dental surgery, it is essential to avoid hot and spicy food. You should ignore peppery food such as salsa and hot pepper because such food can go down into the healing part of your teeth and cause discomfort, and this discomfort would affect your healing process.
  • Crunchy Food: It is normal to satisfy all cravings you have, but if you crave crunchy food like chips, nuts, pretzels, apples, etc., you might want to rethink before taking them. You should avoid these foods after your surgery, as they can get into your healing gum and slow down your healing process.
  • Hot Food: You should avoid hot food and drinks such as hot cocoa, coffee, and soup at least 24 hours after your surgery. After 24 hrs have passed, you can only take warm food and drinks. You will resume your regular diet after your implants heal completely. It is essential to avoid hot food to avoid irritation and discomfort around the operated area.
  • Acidic Food: Try to stay away from acidic food to foster rapid teeth recovery. Eating acidic food like tomatoes, oranges, juice, etc., can cause pain and discomfort at the sight of the wound. Fruit smoothies made with strawberries or black better are not advisable because they contain tiny seeds trapped in the post-operative area.

Food to Eat After A Dental Implant

Just as there is food that you should avoid, others would help you after a successful implant. Some of these foods include;

  • Soft Food: You should eat soft food that does not allow you to apply much pressure on your implant. Hard food can cause your implant to move and disrupt your healing process. If your implant is destroyed early on, you will have to go through the entire process again.
  • Cold Water: After your dental implant surgery, do not swish water in your mouth. Instead, gently tip your head back and forth so as not to disturb the clot formation. At the time of recovery, you don’t want to put the new implants through stress. So be as gentle as possible.
  • Cold Food: In the first few months after your dental surgery, you should eat only cold and soft food. Eating cold food would help reduce the stress put on the new implants and help improve your healing process.
  • Mashed Fruit and Vegetables: Mashed soft fruits such as bananas, avocados, watermelons, or other mashed melons and soft fruits are highly recommended after your dental surgery. Spinach is also suitable for you during this period.

If you are a resident of Manalapan Township, New Jersey, and want to have a dental implant surgery but are confused about which one is best for you, visit us at Union Hill Dental today. You may also google search for dental implants near you. dentists In Englishtown.

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