Is a Chipped Tooth a Dental Emergency?

Is a Chipped Tooth a Dental Emergency?

Jun 01, 2021

A chipped tooth is not an emergency, but it is still important to visit the dentist as soon as possible. This is because a chipped tooth exposes the internals of a tooth to harmful bacteria inside the mouth, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Therefore, visit the dentist as soon as you can, even if you are not experiencing any pain. The dentist will fix the problem to minimize the risk of decay and infections.

That said, there is a lot to know about emergency dentistry. In this blog, we will answer the most common questions about emergency dental care to help you take the right steps whenever you are faced with an emergency. We are here for you if you are looking for emergency dental services in Union Hill Road.

How Do I Remove an Object Caught Between My Teeth?

If you have food or object between your teeth, you don’t have to visit the dentist right away. Instead, brush and floss your teeth to get rid of the object. However, you should never try to use a needle or any other sharp object to remove the object. You might end up hurting your gums, lips, or tongue, and the small problem will turn into an emergency. Therefore, if you can’t remove the object with dental floss, visit the dentist. The dentist will carefully remove it without causing any problem.

How Do I Stop a Toothache at Home?

A toothache can be a dental emergency, depending on the level of pain. Luckily, there is a lot you can do at home to alleviate pain before booking an appointment with an emergency dentist. First, brush and floss your teeth to ensure there are no food particles caught between the affected teeth. If that does not alleviate pain, take aspirin or ibuprofen as directed in the package.

If you are not into painkillers, you can alleviate pain through the ice-cold compress method. Apply an ice pack from the outside of the aching tooth for a few seconds taking a break of around thirty seconds before each application. The method should alleviate pain and any swelling caused by the toothache.

If none of the above solutions works for you, visit an emergency dentist for treatment. We are here for you if you need emergency services in Union Hill Road.

What Should I Do with a Knocked-Out Tooth?

A knocked-out tooth is the severest dental emergency. With this problem, you should try to get to the dentist ASAP, even if it is at night. The earlier you get there, the higher the chances of saving your natural tooth.

However, it is crucial that you do the right things before you get to the dentist. First of all, ensure not to touch the tooth by its root when picking it up. If possible, try to put it back to the socket and bite into it. If you can’t put it back because of the pain, put it in a glass of saltwater and get to the dentist ASAP.

What Should I Do If I Lose a Dental Filling?

First, book an appointment with your dentist. In the meantime, get dental cement from the nearest chemist and fill the temporary gap created by the lost filling. Alternatively, use sugar-free gum to cover the space. Don’t use sugar gum because you will increase the risk of developing cavities.

How Should I Address a Jaw fracture?

A jaw fracture during games or any other type of accident is a serious problem. With such a problem, you need to visit the dentist as fast as possible. A problem with the jaw may not be covered by dental insurance. Instead, it will most probably be covered by your medical insurance. Be sure to confirm with your providers, though.

Does Root Canal Treatment?

If you have a severe infection or decay, the dentist will probably use the root canal treatment to save your tooth. Many people associate endodontic (root canal) treatment with pain, but the truth is it is as painless as any other dental procedure. Since the introduction of oral sedation, all procedures, including endodontic treatment are painless.

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