Caring for Your New Smile after Invisalign Treatment

Caring for Your New Smile after Invisalign Treatment

May 01, 2022

You acquire the smile of your dreams using Invisalign, an excellent remedy for crooked and misaligned teeth. The removable aligners help you discreetly straighten your teeth as an adult. However, Invisalign treatment is suitable for some older teenagers.

Generally, Invisalign treatment requires around a year to complete, during which time you must wear the aligners for nearly 20 to 22 hours every day. However, after you have achieved your goal of having a beautiful smile, you must care for it by inquiring with the dentist in Manalapan township on how you can do so. It indicates your orthodontic treatment continues even after you complete straightening your teeth.

When you visit our Invisalign near you for your initial consultation, the Manalapan dentist will discuss what will happen after completing your orthodontic treatment. You must understand caring for your straightened teeth is an essential requirement to ensure you can enjoy the results of your hard work for years. An essential part of continuing orthodontic care is to have appropriate information from the dentist on how you can maintain your new smile.

Dentists Recommend Teeth Aligners to Safeguard Your Smile

After you complete orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, your provider may recommend you wear teeth aligners manufactured from similar BPA-free dental-grade plastic like the Invisalign aligners. They function similarly to retainers that standard orthodontists recommend for people straightening teeth with traditional braces.

Invisalign retainers fit comfortably over your teeth, making them easy to use. The retainers also have a removable feature similar to your aligners and are created using the advanced digital technology used for making your Invisalign aligners.

You can discuss having a permanent retainer in your mouth with the dentist if you prefer. However, in such cases, you must spend more time cleaning around the retainer and the wire attached to eliminate food particles and plaque.

Why do you need Retainers After Orthodontic Treatment?

Whether you undergo orthodontic treatment with traditional braces or Invisalign, your teeth move to their correct positions affecting the bone and tissues surrounding them. After your teeth have straightened, the bones and tissues need some time to stabilize. Unfortunately, if your teeth required significant movement, the time needed for the stabilization lengthens.

Retainers help hold your teeth in their new positions because your bones and tissue require a year or longer to stabilize. Meanwhile, your teeth might suffer an orthodontic relapse to start drifting back to their original positions. If the relapse occurs, you must begin wearing your braces all over again after the hard work, effort, and money you spent goes down the drain. It is why wearing retainers is an optimal option.

How Long Will You Need Retainers?

The tissues and bone around your teeth can remodel themselves and change throughout your lifetime. It is why Invisalign treatment succeeds for older patients and why broken bones mend. As you age, your teeth shift position naturally without considering you received orthodontic treatment recently to straighten them. Retainers help avoid unwanted movements, whether fixed or removable. You can wear a removable retainer overnight for an extended period or throughout your life or have fixed retainers for five years or more.

Do the Retainers Remain on Your Teeth All the Time?

The Invisalign provider recommends wearing your retainers all the time after your treatment. However, after your teeth have settled and the surrounding bones and gum tissue have stabilized, the provider will reassess your situation and might suggest wearing your retainers at night or a minimal number of hours every day to ensure your teeth do not move back.

Caring for Your Retainer

The end of Invisalign treatment doesn’t end the task of caring for your smile because wearing the retainer is an essential part of maintaining the new smile you acquired. Your retainer helps keep your teeth in place so long as they are worn as suggested. Not adhering to the provider’s instructions encourages your teeth to shift back to their original position.

While caring for your teeth, maintaining excellent dental hygiene, and visiting our dentist in Manalapan Township for six-monthly appointments are essential, the retainers need care every day because it is an integral part of maintaining your smile. Therefore you must indulge in the following practices:

  • Clean Your Retainers Every Night: the Invisalign provider recommends you clean your retainer by purchasing a drop-in using any brand made for cleaning dental devices. The provider recommends you don’t use a toothpaste containing abrasive agents that may damage the finish of the retainer leading to bacterial buildup.
  • Get the Retainer Replaced Every Year: Holding your teeth in place is not the only responsibility of retainers. The devices protect your teeth from damage due to nighttime branding and are susceptible to wear. Therefore you must get replacements for the retainers every nine months to a year.

If you enjoy the new smile that Invisalign treatment provided, you must make every effort to ensure it remains beautiful by seeking advice from Union Hill Dental on how to care for your smile after all your effort.

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