5 Reasons You Should Consider Sedation Dentistry

5 Reasons You Should Consider Sedation Dentistry

Apr 01, 2021

A lot of people suffer from dental anxiety, and the main cause is usually the fear of pain. However, you don’t need to worry about pain anymore, thanks to sedation. Sedation/ sleep dentistry is the use of certain medications to numb a patient during a dental procedure. There are various types of sedation used in a dental clinic, and the dentist will help you choose the most appropriate one.

Understanding Sedation Levels

There are various levels of sedation, and the dentist will choose the one that suits you the most and makes you feel comfortable. Minimal sedation use medications to induce a calming effect and prevent pain. However, the patient remains awake during the procedure. Most patients forget what went on during the procedure despite being awake.

Then, there is deep sedation. Deep sedation is often administered to patients requiring advanced procedures. It is rarely used, and not all dentists are allowed to apply it. Ensure your dentist is approved if deep sedation has to be used.

Sleep Dentistry Options

There are several methods that a dentist can use to numb you and provide a calming effect. The most common one is the use of laughing gas. The dentist induces minimal amounts of laughing gas, and this provides a calming effect. In most cases, laughing gas is used for minimally invasive procedures.

The other option and a very common one is oral sedation. It involves the use of sedative drugs before the procedure. Oral sedation medications take some time before they take effect, though. For that reason, they are administered at least an hour before the procedure.

Finally, there is IV sedation. IV sedation is strong and can remain in the blood for up to 48 hours. It makes the patient unconscious for a few minutes or hours when the procedure is being conducted. IV sedation is only administered by oral surgeons and a few approved dentists.

Now that you know a little about sedation dentistry, why should you consider it in your next dental visit? Here are five reasons:

Pain Suppression

A few years ago, a visit to the dentist was like a nightmare to many people. Some people even preferred losing a tooth instead of getting help from the dentist. But now, there is no painful dental procedure, thanks to sedation. Even the dental implant procedure that involves surgery is not painful at all.

The good thing about sedation dentistry is the medication is not always injected. You can take it orally if you fear needles. This means there is no way you will experience any pain during the procedure.

Anxiety Control

The fear of pain, needles, or hospitals can make you develop dental anxiety. However, pain is the major cause of dental anxiety. Persons who experienced a lot of pain in the past in dental clinics or heard others tell stories can develop anxiety. But when you are sure that the procedure is painless, you will have nothing to worry about. Sedation assures you painless procedures.

The Procedure Goes Faster

Sedation helps you relax on a dentist’s chair, which allows the dentist to complete the procedure faster. If there was no sedation, the dentist would have to go slow by slow to ensure you don’t feel too much pain. Furthermore, you will be much uncomfortable, and the discomfort can cause failure in some procedures. Sedation ensures you are comfortable, which allows faster and effective results.

Saves You Trips to the Dentist

With sedation dentistry, the dentist can conduct more than one procedure in one visit. For example, you can get dental fillings, same-day implants, and root canal all in one visit. You don’t need to book three, four appointments like in the past.

It Will Change Your Perspective

Many sedation dentistry patients change their perspectives about dental procedures after one successful treatment. They understand that it is not painful, and they can get any treatment pain-free. With that in mind, most of them don’t even need anti-anxiety medications in their other dental visits.

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